Woman left horrified after hotel resort charges €30 for pool sun loungers – despite being a guest

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A WOMAN was left horrified after a hotel resort charged her €30 for a pool sun lounger despite being a guest.

Posting on TikTok under the username Tinx, she revealed to viewers exactly what had happened.

Tiktok/@tinxA woman could not believe a hotel resort charged for pool sun loungers[/caption]

Tiktok/@tinxShe was left shocked at the €30 fee[/caption]

Tinx explained how she just got to France and is now tanning on her balcony.

The TikToker added: “This is because I went down to the pool and I sat on the lounge chair and they asked me for a reservation.

“They then said it would be €30 (£25).”

Tinx was shocked to hear this and told the hotel that she was a guest.

But they still reminded her that the hefty charge would have to be paid.

Tinx added: “They said I can get in the swimming pool without paying but you have to pay to use a chair.

“On principle I’m not paying for a lounge chair!”

She cheekily mentioned in the caption of her video that she would be “eating a twix from the mini bar”.

Social media users were quick to weigh in with their opinions in the comments.

One wrote: “Whaaaat wait! What hotel is that? That’s insaneeee.”

Another said: “I might be really sheltered but I’ve never heard of this in my entire life.”

“A beach chair you could argue because they set them out. But a pool chair that literally sits there all the time…,” a third said, accompanied by a rolling eyes emoji.

Another TikToker said: “This happened to me in Vegas too, we could go in the pool but couldn’t sit.”

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