Mega-rich Boris Johnson donor is now backing Labour to ‘put the great back in Britain’

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A MILLIONAIRE Boris Johnson donor has backed Labour to “put the great back in Britain.”

Phones4U founder John Caudwell handed the Tories £500,000 in 2019 but said Rishi Sunak is an “absolute dud”.

ReutersJohn Caudwell is now backing Labour after handing the Tories £500,000 in 2019[/caption]

Last night he added Sir Keir Starmer was his new guy despite once saying Reform policies “sound sensible.”

However he stopped short of saying he would be opening his chequebook to Labour ahead of July 4’s election.

In a statement he said: “For many years now I have been rather despairing about the performance of the party that I have supported for the last 51 years: the Tories.

“Only five years ago, I donated half a million to the Conservatives to help avert the disaster that would have been Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street.

“Over the last two years especially, I have been amazed by how Keir Starmer has transformed the Labour Party and brought it back from that Corbyn brink.

“When Labour launched its manifesto last Thursday, I was delighted to see that accelerating economic growth was front and centre, and that projected growth is clearly tied into making Britain a clean energy superpower.

“So, I can declare publicly that I will vote for Labour, and I encourage everybody to do the same.

“We need a very strong Labour Government that can take extremely bold decisions and you can rest assured that I will be doing my best to influence them wherever I can, in putting the great back in Britain.”

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