I’m suing my mother-in-law – she posted fake photos of my baby to paint me as a cheater but that wasn’t the worst of it

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MOTHER-IN-LAW? More like mother-out-lawed.

A wronged woman is taking her mother-in-law to court for defamation after finding out the rumors she spread about her and her baby.

GettyA furious Redditor opened up about her mother-in-law’s libelous claims against her (Stock photo)[/caption]

Redditor Legitimate_Ant_1293 shared the family drama in a viral post.

The new mother explained that after giving birth to her firstborn, her relationship with her in-law became increasingly strained.

“[It] wasn’t too bad at the beginning. She wasn’t a super nice person, but my husband said she was always like this,” she said.

“She was always neutral when it came to me, not happy, not sad, not mad.”

Things changed quickly after she got pregnant, which coincided with her acceptance of a new job, forcing her and her husband to move a few states away.

“This was not planned, we weren’t trying to get pregnant, and my job sent me to live in Washington, so we moved there, and then I found out I was pregnant,” she said.

“My husband and I were elated, and with my new job and the savings I had been building, we decided to keep the baby.

“We told his family after the second trimester since I have a heart condition and some other chronic illnesses that made the first trimester difficult for me.

“It was emotionally and physically tiring, and I was constantly terrified of losing the baby. But we made it, and my doctors felt more confident, so we told our families over FaceTime.”

While her husband’s family was overjoyed for them, her mother-in-law was the sole exception.

“She said, ‘If you knew you were having a baby, why did you move so far away?’ She accused me of moving closer to my family so that I would cut off my husband’s family,” she said.

“My husband told her that we didn’t know about the pregnancy when we moved; it just happened at the same time. It put a bit of a damper on the mood of the FaceTime and we ended it early.

“Husband and I were both shocked at MIL’s behavior but brushed it off. Again, she never did anything drastic to make me think she hated me or anything.”

Over the course of the next few weeks, however, things quickly escalated.

Legit lawyers commented links and messaged her. People asked for our address to call CPS.

Redditor Legitimate_Ant_1293

The Redditor received email after email from the mother-in-law about houses in their old state, attempting to persuade them to move back.

Even after a stern talking-to from her husband, her in-law continued to send home listings to her husband.

“MIL then started sending houses/apartments to only my husband. One bed, one bath. Telling him that he could get one of these and bring ‘her baby’ to them while I work,” she said.

“What the actual hell. Husband shut that down super fast. Saying his life was here now, and he wouldn’t be moving back.”

Doctor appointments soon posed another stressor in their lives as the couple found out that their baby would likely inherit her heart condition.

“During this time, MIL started sending baby stuff to our house. All male-gendered even though we told her we weren’t going to do a gender reveal or anything,” she said.

Worse, her mother-in-law took to social media to claim that “her baby” was “in danger” due to her poor health and accused her of intentionally trying to ruin the baby’s life.

After a traumatic induced labor, the Redditor was shocked when her mother-in-law showed up at their house.

Her in-law showed up at her house when she was being induced and attempted to enter the hospital at 3 am after her husband ignored her calls.

“She called my husband again, and when he answered, she started yelling at him, telling him that she missed the birth of ‘her baby’ and that she will never forgive me for this,” she said.

The original poster explained that her husband was “exhausted and just told her he’d call her back later.”

“The Husband went downstairs to get coffee and saw her. She demanded to see the baby, and when he said no, she freaked out again, claiming I was breaking the family apart.

“She said I purposefully got pregnant as we moved so I trapped us in Washington. And basically unloaded all her thoughts and opinions about me throughout our entire relationship.”

The couple continued to ignore the intrusive in-law and rested up at the hospital with their baby girl for two weeks.

“In that time, MIL posted on Facebook like it was her job. She found pictures of babies with a different ethnicity and posted them, not saying outright that I cheated on my husband but letting other people think that,” she said.

Clueless, the couple was shocked to discover after leaving the hospital that one of her social media posts asking for advice on how to claim guardianship of a grandchild if there’s abuse involved had gone viral.

“Like, legit lawyers commented links and messaged her. People asked for our address to call CPS. Once they researched her profile page they found my husband and I,” she said.

“They found his work, my work, my family. My family’s business’ Yelp reviews were tanked.

“And the police did end up coming to our home. I had been home from the hospital for four days. I had only had four days with my baby.”

Luckily, her cousin is a counselor for an attorney and pledged to help the two file a defamation lawsuit against her in-law.

Viewers were shocked by her story and shared their condolences.

“So sorry for you! Will keep you in my prayers. This will pass, but you will always remember,” said one commenter.

“MIL has ruined possibility of any relationship in the future and that is entirely due to her actions. Good luck! Remember there are good people in this world also.”

“This is BONKERS. Even if you did want to move closer to your family, you are allowed to do that,” said another.

“I’m terribly sorry you had to go through this. Happiness going forward. Hopefully this horrible person is out of your life soon.”

“Wow that is awholenother level of crazy,” said a third.

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