Drivers slam ‘Britain’s worst parking’ after cars abandoned on busy roundabout – and say it’s a ‘miracle no one died’

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DRIVERS have slammed ‘Britain’s worst parking’ after cars were abandoned on a busy roundabout with claims its a ‘miracle no one died.’

Shocking photos show how dozens of drivers sparked traffic chaos by dumping their vehicles on one of the busiest roundabouts in Birmingham.

Drivers were astonished by the scenes at the roundaboutSWNS

SWNSSome locals feared there was going to be an accident[/caption]

SWNSPolice said they were now in dialogue with the local authority[/caption]

Onlookers said there was at least one collision and several near-misses as drivers attempted to reverse off the Poet’s Corner roundabout into oncoming traffic.

And despite the huge numbers of illegally parked cars, it’s believed there were no parking fines issued throughout the morning.

Simon Gutteridge, 40, who had been trying to get to work when he got stuck along the A45 Small Heath Highway, said it was a ‘miracle nobody was badly hurt or killed’.

The engineer, of Newtown, Birmingham, said: “I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

“People were parking absolutely anywhere and seemed oblivious to the danger they were causing.

“I’ve seen some bad parking at football matches and concerts but never anything like this – it was crazy and caused absolute gridlock around the area.

“People were reversing the wrong way around the island and directly into traffic. They just plonked their cars on the roundabout like it was a genuine parking space.

“It was a miracle nobody was badly hurt or killed to be honest – that is one of the busiest roundabouts in Birmingham along a major commuter route.”

Another driver, who did not wish to be named, added: “There was at least one collision as somebody reversed off the roundabout and lots of near-misses.

“I could not see one single car had been given a ticket or anything like that. It was extremely dangerous.

“It could be the worst parking I’ve seen anywhere in the UK – I was just baffled that so many people thought it was fine.

“One or two cars you could understand but there was about 20 of them on the roundabout alone as well as just abandoned on nearby streets.”

West Midlands Police said they were working with the council to try and tackle the problem of drivers parking on the roundabout.

A spokesman said: “We’re aware of ongoing issues with motorists parking on the roundabout on Small Heath Highway.

“Local officers are working with Birmingham City Council to tackle the problem.

“Where traffic offences such as highway obstruction are seen by officers, we will issue tickets.

“We’re aware of the concerns of the community in Small Heath and continue to work hard to keep the roads of the West Midlands safe.”

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