Asda shoppers desperate to try new ‘funky’ popcorn flavour as fan says she ‘literally ate a whole bag this afternoon’

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ASDA shoppers have been flocking to their nearest store to get their hands on a new ‘funky’ popcorn flavour.

Fans of the sweet treat have been desperate to try the supermarket giants latest release, with one fan claiming she’s already eaten “a whole bag”.

Shoppers have been rushing to their nearest Asda store to pick up a new flavour of popcornGeorge Clerk

Sweet treat lovers can now indulge in the ‘Raspberry Ripple’ flavour of the movie night favourite

Sweet and salty are the two most iconic flavours of popcorn but Asda’s newest invention might just rival them for popularity this week.

The new Raspberry Ripple flavour popcorn is certainly set to turn a few heads and raise a few eyebrows but you can now get it for just £1 a bag.

At such a cheap price, many people will be tempted to get their hands on some just to try it at least.

However, those who love raspberry flavoured foods will hardly be able to contain their excitement.

The big reveal was made in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group Facebook group by one very happy shopper, who urged others to get themselves down to their nearest Asda store.

Many people were left commenting “yum” and telling their friends and family to “keep an eye out” next time they’re in store so they can pick up a bag.

Others could hardly contain their excitement, however.

“I need this,” said one person.

“Oh this looks yummy,” said another.

A third commented: “These are lovely”.

But not everyone was convinced by the raspberry-flavoured popcorn invention, with some suggesting they wouldn’t go near it.

One person said: “Not sure on this.”

A second added: “Gross.”

A third person who had already tried it even claimed it was “nothing special”.

Earlier this year, shoppers were rushing to B&M for another bizarre flavour of popcorn after it graced the shelves.

The bargain retailer was selling Chupa Chups cola flavour popcorn for just £1, which has taken consumers by storm since its launch in Europe.

It came after Werther’s Original previously released tasty looking bags of Caramel Popcorn.

Popcorn is the undisputed king of film night snacks and this new offering is certainly a fun twist on the classic.

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