‘I need these’ cry Morrisons shoppers filling trolleys with ‘addictive’ chocolate bar that’s a twist on a popular treat

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MORRISONS shoppers are filling their trolleys with a new “addictive” chocolate bar that’s a twist on a popular treat.

Lotus’ Biscoff White Chocolate biscuit, now with Biscoff Cream, has sent customers into a frenzy.

Morrisons shoppers are loving the new Biscoff chocolate bar

The classic bar now has Biscoff cream filling

GettyMorrisons is among the supermarkets selling the new favourite treat[/caption]

Taking to B&M Bargains, Extreme Money Saving Deals and More, one person said “oh my” with a heart emoji, while another tagged a friend and said: “OMG off you go.”

Another wrote: “Love these.”

And a third commented: “Addictive but bloody expensive.”

Morrisons shoppers also went wild earlier this month for a new “Jammy cookie sandwich”.

The treat is comprised of jam and buttercream sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies.

One food lover posted a picture of the cookie in the Food Finds UK Official Facebook group and sent other foodies into a frenzy.

It comes after shoppers gushed over an “absolute bargain” piece of crystal homeware.

The supermarket giant is selling a glass tea pot for just £1.25 – while a 12-piece set from the same brand is only £2.34.

Exact times to shop at each supermarket to find bargains

You can save money by opting for stickered products at supermarkets.
Supermarkets add the stickers to products to show they are reduced due to being faulty or close to out-of-date.
And there’s usually a best time of day to head to your nearest supermarket to pick up the best prices.
Tom Church, founder of the latestdeals.co.uk website, has revealed when you should head to your nearest favourite supermarket to pick up bargain buys.
Tom said to look out for orange clearance stickers which usually give 30% off in the morning.
He added: “Sometimes there are green ‘waste not!’ stickers labelled at 20p or 70p.”
Tom said: “Yellow stickers start in the afternoons, particularly on fresh meat, fish, fruit, veg, and bakery items.”
Tom said the best time to pick up stickered items varies from store-to-store.
He added: “Usually in the afternoon and reductions increase towards closing time.”
Sainsbury’s discounts its products incrementally across the day.
Tom said: “Discounts begin with 25% at 1pm, up to 50% at 5pm and then again by 75% at 8pm.”
Tom said: “The best reductions are in the evening.
“However, you’re better off getting a £3.49 Magic Box from Too Good To Go, which will contain about £10 worth of food.”
Marks & Spencer
Tom said M&S starts stickering up products with yellow tags in the mornings.
“As M&S has a higher price point, net savings can be bigger than other supermarkets,” he added.
Tom said: “Yellow stickers are found throughout the day and it varies by store. Final reductions are 75% off.”
Tom said yellow-sticker discounts vary across Iceland stores.
He added: “On fresh foods yellow stickers can be found from the mornings.”
Tom said: “Clearance stickers are red and applied in the morning from 8am with 50% off. “This may increase to 75% as food approaches its use-by date.”
Tom said: “Reductions start in the mornings but there may be second rounds of discounts from 7pm.”

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