Netflix subscribers slam ‘dumb decision’ to remove popular PC app feature and say TV streamer is ‘ruining themselves’

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NETFLIX viewers have raged about a major change to the TV streamer’s app as a popular perk is disappearing – while a new feature no-one wants is added.

The Stranger Things hit-maker is revamping its PC app soon and users have slammed the big move as a “dumb decision”.

GettyNetflix hasn’t confirmed when the feature changes will happen[/caption]

Netflix has revealed that viewers will no longer be able to download shows and movies offline.

The ability to keep shows on your laptop is a particularly treasured option by those commuting to work or travelling on holiday.

Price reduction is in order since they are actively taking away features you’re paying for

Netflix user

“It’s really bad cuz I’m on the way 3 hours a day for work and use it to watch shows on the train,” one subscriber wrote on Reddit.

“Now I won’t have anything since Disney plus doesn’t support it either.”

Another wrote: “My internet isn’t always reliable, having the ability to download shows is essential.

“Why even have a Windows app if you can’t use it offline?”

Downloads will continue to be available as a feature on the Netflix mobile apps on iOS and Android.

It all follows a similar change on BBC iPlayer, which saw the dedicated downloads app for PC close down in April.

At the time, the BBC said it decided to drop support due to “the low number of people using it and the cost required to keep it going”.

As for Netflix’s new PC app, users are also angered that the replacement will now support ad plans.

The current app doesn’t work with Netflix’s cheaper ad-supported tier.

“Price reduction is in order since they are actively taking away features you’re paying for,” one fuming viewer wrote.

“Netflix is definitely ruining themselves.”

On its website, Netflix said: “A new Netflix app for Windows is coming soon, which includes support for watching live events, increased streaming quality, compatibility with ad-supported plans, and more.

“While downloads will no longer be supported, you can continue to watch TV shows and movies offline on a supported mobile device.”


Analysis by Jamie Harris, Senior Technology and Science Reporter at The Sun
Netflix hasn’t said why the download feature is going from desktop but it’s almost certainly due to falling usage.
More people stream content from mobile devices or their TVs directly these days.
That’s exactly what happened to the BBC iPlayer Downloads app – and that was put down to the cost of keeping an underused tool going.
As for accommodating ads, it’s hardly surprising as advertising is a big growth area for Netflix and other streamers.
Netflix’s advertising chief revealed in January that the ad-based tier now has more than 23million global active users per month.
With prices pretty much increasing annually, companies have tried to offset the impact by telling users they can keep (or lower) their current subscription cost with ads – but if you want an ad-free experience you’ll have to pay more for the privilege.
So expect to see more ad-backed subscription models in future.

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