‘Driving us nuts’ say Lucozade fans after spotting new flavour hitting the shelves at Co-op

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LUCOZADE fans are excited after finding a new flavour that has already hit shelves.

A new blue Lucozade is available at the Co-op and other supermarkets in both bottles and cans.

Tiktok/@newfoodfindsukNew Food Finds UK has revealed the new flavours[/caption]

Three new Lucozade flavours have been launched in the blue colourFacebook

The drinks have different names depending on what bottles it comes in.

The drink in the classic Lucozade plastic bottle is called Blue Burst, the sport version is called Blue Forces, while the can is named Blue Rush.

One clip of the new drinks posted to TikTok by the account New Food Finds UK reveals what Blue Crush tastes like.

The fan describes Blue Burst as “really sweet” and tasking like a “bonbon”.

While she says Blue Force is more “tropical”.

She said: “That’s unreal… you need to get yourself to the Co-op.”

Fans on the TikTok clip said they wanted to try the drink.

One fan said: “It will be just like prime and sell out everywhere.”

Another said: “Genuinely will cry if I don’t get it.”

While a third said: “I feel like id love that.”

The blue Lucozade can also be bought from Amazon and Iceland – but it is currently out of stock.

The new flavours come after Lucozade changed its recipe in 2023 and fans of the drink were also left fuming back in 2017, when the brand halved the amount of sugar in its drinks to beat the government’s sugar tax.

Lucozade Orange, which once had the most sugar compared to other soft drinks on the market, had its sugar content slashed from 13g to 4.5g – a whopping 65% reduction.

One grandad who drank eight bottles of Lucozade a day for nearly 30 years has cut down after a mini stroke.

Garry started having the ­sugary drinks after quitting drugs when his first son was born in the early 1990s.

First concocted by Newcastle pharmacist, William Walker Hunter in 1927, Lucozade has been on the shelves since 1938.

Tiktok/@newfoodfindsukThe Lucozade fans said the new flavour is good and fans should get out and buy the drink[/caption]

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