Don’t spend a fortune on Starface blemish patches – you can DIY them in seconds they’ll heal pimples and look cute

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A SKINCARE expert has shared his DIY blemish patch method to heal pimples for the low.

Instead of shelling out loads for cute pimple stickers, he made his own.

Jake-Jamie shared how he DIYed his own acne patchesTikTok/ jakejamie

Jake-Jamie (@jamejamie) shared the beauty trick in a TikTok video.

He explained the blemish patches’ popularity with photos of celebrities sporting the star-shaped acne stickers.

“Everybody loves the Starface blemish stickers but did you guys know you actually make your own?” he asked.

“They will look exactly like this,” he said, sharing photos of celebrities who use the brand.

Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber, and Willow Smith were among a few of the celebrities who use the popular brand of patches.

While a box of Starface patches can cost upwards of $13 a box, he explained that his method helped him save a ton of money.

“They will heal your blemishes and save you a fortune,” he added.

To kick off the DIY, Jake-Jamie picked up some affordable hydrocolloid plaster and a star craft hole punch.

Using the hole puncher, he stamped out star shaped patches.

“That’s literally it guys, these take literal seconds to make and here I’ve got my little DIY blemish sticker,” he said.

“If you love the aesthetic of Starface but you want to save some money, how would anybody ever know?”

Some of his viewers agreed that while they were cute, Starface patches were not worth the hype.

“I feel the Starface ones don’t actually help, unlike other ones,” said one commenter.

“They don’t do anything, they are so overrated just for how they look,” agreed another.

Instead of spending “a fortune” on pimple patches, he simply made his ownTikTok/ jakejamie

He used a hole punch to create star shapes using hydrocolloid patchesTikTok/ jakejamie

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