Nestle launches NEW chocolate just in time for Easter – and shoppers say ‘it tastes just like Nutella’

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NESTLE has launched a brand-new chocolate just ahead of Easter.

The new treat, called the Nestle Aero share-a-bubble, comes in a choco hazelnut flavour – and shoppers claim it tastes just like Nutella.

GettyNestle has launched a new chocolate ahead of Easter[/caption]

Facebook/New Foods UKNestle’s latest chocolate and hazelnut treat[/caption]

Popular food blogging page Newsfoodsuk posted a picture of the chocolate on Facebook and wrote: “New Choco Hazelnut flavour Aero spotted our local convenience store!!”

Excited treat lovers rushed to the comment section to talk about the newest chocolate treat that has been launched just in time for Easter.

One such person said: “This chocolate bar is amazing!! Tastes like Nutella.”

Another wrote: “I like this one better than the others.”

Where can you buy discontinued chocolate bars?

Here’s where you can pick up the Breakaway, Caramac, Milky Way Crispy Rolls and Yorkie biscuit bars.

Breakaway bars are still going for packs of eight in some stores, check out:

Iceland – £1
Sainsbury’s – £1.25
Tesco – £1.25

Caramac bars will be tough to find as they go viral as soon as they are spotted, try:

Iceland – £1.25 (packs of three)
Sainsbury’s – 75p single bar
B&M – £1.25 (packs of three)

Yorkie biscuit bars are still stocked in quite a few supermarkets, check out:

Ocado – £1.25 single bar
Tesco – £1.25 single bar
Asda – £1.25 single bar

Fan favourite Milky Way Crispy Rolls have been spotted in stores despite being discontinued back in 2022. Head to:

Poundland – price varies
Home Bargains – 79p single bar

A third person commented: “I got one this morning, I love them.”

Nestle fans may still be recovering from the heartbreaking news that 60-year-old Caramac bars have also been axed.

So it’s no surprise fans have been hunting down recently discontinued chocolate bars.

Milky Way crispy rolls have been spotted back on shop shelves and fans can hardly believe it. 

Easter is the season so chocolate lovers and there is still plenty of time to get everything you need.

We’ve put together a list of the cheapest places to buy Cadbury chocolate Easter eggs. 

We’ve also tested supermarket mini eggs dupes against the Cadbury originals, find out the bargain version was a huge disappointment.

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