I’ve lost 60 lbs – my lazy girl weight loss dinner has tons of protein including bacon, just be careful with the pickles

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A WEIGHT loss influencer has shared a simple protein-packed dinner she eats when she’s feeling lazy.

Since her weight loss journey began, she’s shed over 60 pounds with her new diet.

TikTok/myriamestrella8Myriam shared her lazy girl dinner that helped her shed over 60 pounds[/caption]

She snacked on tuna salad as a dip, revealing the snacks and pairings she madeTikTok/myriamestrella8

Myriam (@myriamestrella8) shared the meal idea with her TikTok followers.

“I lost over 60 pounds and here is what I eat for dinner as my lazy girl dinner,” she said.

She explained that she was contemplating skipping dinner because the next day was her weigh-in day but Myriam decided to eat her favorite tuna salad as a dip instead.

“It has 43 grams of protein. I don’t count calories but I love trying to get to my protein, that’s just my goal,” she said.

“I love to add these bacon pieces because they add a really nice smoky taste and I love a good crunch,” she said, adding the bacon to her tuna.

For an extra boost of protein, she added some nutritional yeast to her tuna.

“It tastes like a nutty cheese but it has a lot of protein in it,” she explained.

On her plate of snack food, she showed off the veggies alongside her tuna, including cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickles.

“I love these because they’re fermented and they taste spectacular,” she said, holding up a large pickle.

As she bit into the pickle, however, the juice squirted out through a leak on the side.

“Did you see that? It went all the way up on the wall. It squirted in my sleeve,” she said.

“I cannot believe that happened and I don’t think I can ever eat a pickle the same way ever again!

“We’re going to pass on the pickles tonight.”

She also loved snacking on heart of palm, which also went well with her tuna.

“You eat the interior and then you have a boat, a vessel if you will, perfect for the tuna,” she said.

For an additional protein kick, she snacked on protein chips.

“They taste like Doritos and I love dipping my tuna in them,” she said.

TikTok/myriamestrella8As she bit into a pickle, however, the juice squirted on the wall[/caption]

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