Woman is mocked for tattoo inspired by DNA test – people say it’s ‘100% stupid’ & worse than infamous ‘no regerts’ ink

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A WOMAN’S DNA test-inspired tattoo has received mixed reviews from critics.

Many thought that the tattoo was “stupid” and one even felt that it was worse than the infamous “no regerts” ink.

AlamyA woman was mocked for her tattoo inspired by her DNA test (stock photo)[/caption]

An anonymous Redditor shared the tattoo they stumbled across in a forum.

“[SAD], getting a tattoo of your Ancestry.com results,” they said.

A woman proudly showed off her heritage results, inked on her arm and complete with the Ancestry.com logo.

“42% Scandinavian, 26% Native American, 24% European, 8% Asian,” the tattoo said in large letters.

Critics shared their thoughts on the tattoos in the comments.

“That’s it, we found it, the stupidest f**king tattoo ever,” said one commenter.

“Even worse than ‘No Regerts,’ at least that’s funny.”

“Honestly, this is it. This is Peak Stupid,” agreed another.

Some felt that there were lots of flaws in getting a heritage test tattoo, including vague and inconclusive results.

“Which Asian? There are thousands of separate cultures here,” said one commenter.

Others felt that the woman had missed another percentage in her tattoo.

“And 100% stupid,” joked one commenter.

RedditOne critic said that they thought the tattoo was also “100% stupid”[/caption]

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