Usher nearly falls on his roller skates during Super Bowl Halftime Show leaving fans gasping and cringing

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USHER has narrowly avoided a massive TV blunder during his halftime show performance.

The R&B singer performed many of his hit songs at this year’s Super Bowl.

Usher has nearly suffered a massive TV blunder while performing on the halftime show

ReutersFans caught a moment where Usher almost fell while riding on roller skates[/caption]

Halfway through his star-studded performance, Usher brought out Will.I.Am to sing their song, OMG.

The R&B singer rolled out in a sparkly blue suit and roller skates – along with his backup dancers.

However, nearing the end of the song, Usher rolled between Will.I.Am’s legs and seemingly caught himself before falling to the ground.

He brushed off the almost-blunder, twirled around on his skates, and continued his performance.


Many fans caught the incident and shared their thoughts on X, formerly Twitter.

“Usher almost fell and took them skates off fast lol,” one commented.

Another said, “Usher almost fell on them skates but if you ain’t see it I didn’t either.”

“It looked like Usher almost fell while on skates at one point but he bit his balance,” examined a fourth.

A fifth pointed out, “[Usher] almost fell on them skates but we don’t care. He was SKATING, singing, choreo.”


Meanwhile, many fans were left upset that Usher didn’t bring out Justin Bieber as a special guest.

Usher headlined the highly expected performance, however, the Canadian pop star did not make an appearance despite buzz he would.

While the performance included cameos from Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Ludacris, H.E.R, and others, Justin was nowhere to be seen.

Many fans were hopeful that Justin, 29, would come out and sing Somebody To Love, which is his and Usher’s hit song.

Even though Beliebers were left upset, the R&B singer performed hit songs including Yeah!, Love in This Club, Caught Up, My Boo, OMG, and more.


On X, formerly Twitter, fans shared their disappointment.

“That’s it? Usher’s done? Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are not coming out?” one fan asked.

“God, please make Usher bring out Justin,” another hopeful viewer wrote during the performance.

A third tweeted, “On my way to pick Justin Bieber up so he can sing with Usher.”

“It’s time for justin bieber to do his own superbowl,” a Belieber claimed.

Someone else said, “Me still waiting for Justin Bieber to come out even though the performance is over.”

Justin and Usher have known each other for years.


As fans screamed and dancers surrounded him, viewers at home could barely hear the singer.

At the very beginning of his epic performance, the sound from the hitmaker’s microphone cut in and out.

The giant microphone, that stretched across his face and covered half of his mouth, just wasn’t cutting it.

It wasn’t until Usher brought out another major star, Alicia Keys, that the sound finally stabilized.

He also brought out his friend Ludacris to perform their hit song Yeah!


Halfway through the performance, it seemed that the sound team switched out his microphone.

He was soon standing in front of a typical microphone and mic stand that would be seen at most concerts.

Not long after that, Usher appeared with another microphone attached to his face so he could freely dance – and rollerskate – around the stage.

Thankfully, the sound levels evened out from the middle of the performance to the end.

Fans caught the blunder.

“Why did they do Usher so dirty with that trash audio quality?” one person asked.

“Who was doing the mic check because I can’t hear Usher’s voice that well,” another wrote with crying emojis.

GettyFans caught the moment and shared their thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter[/caption]

Getty‘Usher almost fell and took them skates off fast lol,’ one fan said[/caption]

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