I’m a proud mom of 4 – I can lose weight but my babies have left me with a permanent plush tummy & it’s beautiful

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A MOM of four has shown off the tummy that her children have blessed her with.

She couldn’t help but dance as she shared the uplifting body positive message.

Jade, a mom of four, danced as she showed off her C-section bellyTikTok/ jade.blessedmomiam

Jade (@jade.blessedmomiam) shared the video with her TikTok followers.

Sporting a black crop top, green leggings, and a denim jacket, the mom got down with a few moves as she put her tummy on full display.

She explained that although she had had a difficult birth with her four children, she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“Proud mom of four C-sections with a soft and plush tummy full of beauty marks,” she said.

As she swayed, she showed off her swinging stomach and smiled widely.

The mom was grateful to have a daily reminder of her hard work and her pride and joy.

“I can lose all the weight I want but my babies have left me with a beautiful permanent tummy,” she said, adding a muscle emoji.

Other moms have celebrated their bodies, including another mother-of-four who says she loves her stretch marks.

Nisha (@mama3xxx) responded to a comment from a troll who criticized her stretch marks in a TikTok video.

“Her stomach, I had two babies, thank God I don’t have stretch marks,” they wrote.

Unbothered, Nisha calmly replied that her stretch marks were proof of her strength and resilience.

“They are a symbol of growth and of my children,” she said.

TikTok/ jade.blessedmomiamShe said she was proud of her permanent tummy[/caption]

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