I made a budget Valentine’s Day plate for 2 – I got the heart-shaped board from Target & all the food from Trader Joe’s

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A CHEESE board enthusiast has shared her affordable and romantic Valentine’s Day plate for two.

She found the holiday-themed plate from Target and put together the snacks using buys from Trader Joe’s.

TIKTOK/ LOVERBOARDSLauren shared her creative Valentine’s Day-themed snack board[/caption]

She put together a board for two for just $26TIKTOK/ LOVERBOARDS

Lauren (@loverboards) shared the recipe with her TikTok followers.

“Let’s make a cute little Valentine’s Day board for two for only $26,” she said.

Taking viewers on her shopping trip to Trader Joe’s, she picked up blocks of cheddar cheese, prosciutto, salami, pita bite crackers, raspberries, and even bars of Belgian chocolate.

Next, she laid down a nifty $3 red plate she picked up from Target for the low.

“The heart plate is from Target and only $3!! This board is also perf for the men who don’t like all the frill and just eat the meat lol,” she said

Using heart-shaped cutters, she cut out pieces of cheese and started to arrange the slices of meat artfully on the plate.

Rolling up salami and prosciutto as if they were flowers, she created bouquets of meat on the board.

To finish off the board, she added blocks of dark chocolate, raspberries, and pita crackers.

Her viewers said they couldn’t wait to try the board out for themselves.

“Can’t wait to give this to myself,” joked one commenter.

“You mean for one because I’mma tear this uppppp,” agreed another.

Many raved about her Trader Joe’s snack picks that made the cut.

“That unexpected cheddar is my newest obsession! It’s sooooo good,” said one viewer.

TIKTOK/ LOVERBOARDSShe arranged the meat in a bouquet on the heart plate[/caption]

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