Sir Keir Starmer needs to make it clear whether Labour is a pro-trade union OR pro-City party

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The two faces of Starmer’s Labour

SIR Keir Starmer has already had one reality check on Labour policy.

He was forced into a belated climbdown when the party’s ludicrous £28billion-a-year eco plans collided with economic inevitability.

GettyLabour leader Sir Keir Starmer and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves[/caption]

But his reckless promises to the unions are an even more glaring case of Left-wing idealism at odds with the real world.

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has made “a cast-iron commitment” to hand back sweeping powers to the party’s union paymasters within 100 days of winning power.

These include tearing up the minimum service guarantees during strikes, allowing unions to down tools without a majority vote and reintroducing collective bargaining.

Amidst the ongoing rail and junior doctor strikes many voters may think things can’t get any worse.

But these policies would drag Britain back to the industrial mayhem of the 1970s, kill off any chance of growth and leave the economy at the mercy of the union barons.

Significantly, the plan is already terrifying business leaders.

Yet Sir Keir and his Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves have been blithely wooing the City, vowing private enterprise will be safe in their hands.

Tony Blair succeeded by clearing out the hard left, but Starmer’s Labour thinks it can pose as both a pro-union AND pro-City party.

Sir Keir needs to make clear which one is the truth.

Daddy cruel

DADS who walk away from their kids without paying them a penny are beneath contempt.

So a new Government crackdown to force them to pay their full child maintenance bills is welcome.

Backsliding fathers who won’t cough up face a visit by bailiffs and could lose their homes, passports and driving licences.

Law enforcement will be speeded up so kids get the much-needed money sooner.

It’s vital abandoned mums get the help they need as soon as possible.

Call in the big buoys

FORMER Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick is proposing an ingenious solution to stop the small boats.

He wants a wall of floating buoys in the Channel that would block the dinghies and thwart the evil people-smugglers.

But he will need the French to help to get the plan up and running.

Despite the tens of millions we give them, that could prove to be an even bigger wall.

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