I’m a 160-pound mom and wear whatever I want – you can still look cute rocking the fupa

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ONE proud mom has made it her mission to share her message of body positivity.

She wanted to inspire others to also feel self-confident in their own skin – and in any style of clothing.

A mom was on a mission to share her mission of body positivityTiktok/morganharringtonn

After all, there was just more of her to love.

“Convincing all moms with fupas to buy whatever you want because you can still look cute rocking the fupas,” said Morgan Harrington (@morganharringtonn).

Wearing a white tracksuit with a pink vest and a baseball cap, she didn’t shy away from showing off her midriff.

“Just do it, do it, do it – do it, do it now,” she mouthed along to the lyrics that played in the background.

She shared her message as she moved her shoulders and danced backward with an extra big helping of confidence.

The mom of four boys was feeling good while showing off her style as she got her groove on.

She even lifted one leg up at the end.

“I love sharing outfit inspos for all my ladies who are 160 pounds rocking the fupas,” she said.

Morgan wanted others to embrace their fupa which is slang for fat upper pubic area.

Her fans seemed to be loving her energy and positive vibe.

“Cutie!” one follower exclaimed.

“Thank you,” she replied.

According to Medical News Today, the scientific word for fupa is panniculus.

This refers to a growth of dense, fatty tissue on the lower abdomen.

Tiktok/morganharringtonnShe showed off her midriff and encouraged others to embrace their own fupa in whatever fashion they felt most comfortable in[/caption]

Tiktok/morganharringtonnMorgan didn’t sacrifice her style to feel good in her own skin[/caption]

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