Sainsbury’s discontinues Christmas chocolates ‘that were JUST like Roses & Quality Street’ leaving shoppers gutted

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SHOPPERS have been left gutted after Sainsbury’s announced they’ve discontinued a popular tub of Christmas chocolates.

The sweet treats have been compared to family favourites Roses and Quality Streets but aren’t coming back for this years festive period.

AlamyShoppers were left asking Sainsburys where a popular chocolate tub was this year before finding out the supermarket have discontinued the popular product[/caption]

AlamyThe discontinued item has been compared to Quality Street chocolates and Roses before[/caption]

Customers were baffled this week as a whole range of chocolate tubs were released for the run up to Christmas day but the Sainsburys batch were nowhere to be seen.

Curious customer Ian Gravett asked the major supermarket chain on X, formerly known as Twitter about what’s happened with the box of chocolates as he hasn’t been able to get his hands on them yet.

Ian asked: “@sainsburys May I ask why you’re not doing your tubs of sweets this year??”

When asked to clarify what sweets he was talking about Ian said: “The tubs of sweets that were almost like generic Roses and Quality Street.”

Sainsbury’s official X account replied: “Thanks for your patience Ian. This item was discontinued based on customer demand compared to other products I’m afraid. Sorry to disappoint.”

The supermarket now don’t have their own tub of chocolate this year leaving fans having to pay a little bit extra for chocolatey greatness.

For £5.50 they sell Quality Streets, Celebrations, Heroes and Roses.

Chocolates are an essential part of Christmas celebrations with the whole family and guests dipping their hands into the deep tub and grabbing their favourite choc.

Whether you’re a Bounty lover or someone who can’t handle the gooey caramel inside of some staple treats everyone needs a tub in their house.

This means finding the cheapest ones are a vital skill to have.

Sweet toothed locals are rushing to their local Farmfoods for a bargain £1.99 offer leaving many rushing to stock up on treats this month.

The slight catch is that the tubs contain 410grams of chocolate, instead of the usual 600g.

Although it’s still super cheap compared to other offers so far this year, working out at around £3 per 600g which is way under the average £5 price point from other stores across the UK.

Chocolate lovers were also left not quite feeling “the Christmas vibe” when they found out  Cadbury‘s Wispa Hot Chocolate has been discontinued.

The drink is immensely popular in British homes, particularly around he Christmas time, with a rating of 4.5 stars out of five on Amazon.

It comes after Cadbury discontinued the “best chocolate bar they have created in years”, the Peanut Caramel Crisp Bars.

A devastated customer named Amy said in response: “Aw no! That sucks, it’s our favourite.”

Earlier, Cadbury quietly scrapped its hugely popular Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar bar.

One choc fan said at the time: “I’m devastated they’ve pulled this option from shelves, it just seems like another decision to cut costs at the expense of quality or diverse choices.

“That’s my evening routine ruined!”

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