Jeremy Clarkson giving fans chance to win Jeep Wrangler he drove on The Grand Tour – which plunged into a ditch

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JEREMY Clarkson is giving fans the chance to win the Jeep Wrangler he drove on The Grand Tour — which plunged into a ditch.

He is gifting it as part of his cider brand Hawkstone’s Big Christmas Advent Calendar giveaway.

The Grand TourJeremy Clarkson is giving fans a chance to win his Jeep Wrangler from The Grand Tour’s Colombia special[/caption]

The Grand TourIn typical Clarkson fashion, the Wrangler ended up stuck in a ditch[/caption]

Jeremy, 63, drove the motor during a Colombia special of the hit Amazon Prime series.

Fans have a chance of winning by ordering Hawkstone cider online before Christmas Eve.

Other not-so-impressive gifts include junk from Jeremy’s Diddly Squat Farm, such as a rubber glove.

It was revealed yesterday that Clarkson will not be walking away from Clarkson’s Farm despite rumours about the future of the show. 

The increased concern about the future of Jeremy’s farming show comes after he and his long-time co-stars quit The Grand Tour. 

The popular TV personality confirmed Clarkson’s Farm has not been cancelled and production is ramping up on season 4, despite the fact the third season is yet to air. 

Jeremy posted a hilarious video on social media to make the announcement.

He tried to round up his sheep to spell out “IV,” which is four in Roman numerals. 

But, in the true spirit of Clarkson’s Farm, it didn’t totally go to plan. 

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