I’ve found £6 bathroom gadget which stops mould & keeps your grouting bright white but no one EVER thinks to use it

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A BLOGGER who is passionate about keeping her home clean and tidy has shared some helpful tips and gadgets to prevent mould from growing indoors.

Her advice was simple and the tools she recommended easy to use, and yet most people wouldn’t think to keep them in their homes.

infinitidyThe blogger’s top tip for preventing mould was keeping everyday items off of counters and floors[/caption]

AmazonA suction hook which can be used to prevent mould is available on Amazon for £6 each[/caption]

It is not uncommon for mould to grow inside a home on wallpaper, wood, and carpet as closed spaces offer moisture, warm air, and plenty of materials to feed on.

As well as looking unpleasant, mould can be dangerous to your health and potentially cause problems including allergies, irritation, and asthma.

Blogger Amiko recommended investing in a few cheap gadgets to prevent mould in spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom that get wet on a regular basis.

Her top tip for preventing mould in the bathroom was to keep everything off of the floor.

She said: “I always hang bathroom stool or bucket when not in use and let them drip dry.

“The water in the shower room floor should be flowing to the drain seamlessly too so they don’t become stagnant on some spots that can cause mould growing on the tile grouts.”

Toothbrushes should not be kept in a cup, she warned, as that was “just inviting the mould to come and stay”.

A two-pack of Taili brand waterproof suction hooks, which can be used to keep everyday items from towels to soaps and razors off the floor, is available on Amazon for just £13.

The product is immensely popular among those who have bought it, with a rating of 4.5 stars out of five and hundreds of rave reviews.

In the kitchen, Amiko recommended buying and installing a product such as the Taili hook to hang soap dispensers off, thereby preventing water from storing in the spaces between the bottom of the dish bottles and the counter.

She explained: “In my kitchen sink, I hang my dish and hand soap bottle on the splash back wall to keep the surface around the sink area easy to clean and avoid limescale build up that also lead to mould growing.

“I do the same thing with my kitchen sponge. Every time I’m done with doing dishes, I will rinse the kitchen sponge and then squeeze the excess water first before hanging it to speed up the drying time.”

The cleaning expert said she also placed a dehumidifier pack in all of the drawers and cabinets where she keeps her tableware, cutlery, and cooking utensils, as well as in the dish drainer cabinet on top of her kitchen sink.

Mould builds up when items are left in dark and non-airy spaces, such as a drawer or cabinet, and dehumidifiers help to reduce the level of moisture inside.

If fast-growing mould is a real issue in your home, Amiko suggested installing some hygrometers to keep track of the humidity level so you can open your windows and air your rooms when needed.

Other tips to help keep mould at bay

Ventilation is also a key factor in preventing the growth of mould.

And always ensure you allow fresh air to flow into your home as often as possible.

Admittedly, this is harder in the winter, but you should still try to open windows for short periods.

Don’t forget to open the windows when drying clothes inside, and at all costs avoid drying wet clothes on the radiator.

Further, as cooking can create a lot of condensation, remember to use pan lids to try and reduce moisture getting into the air.

Keeping the inside of your home above 15C will help to stop condensation from forming.

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