I found free winter tool hidden underneath the seats in my car – it takes seconds to use & it could save my life

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A MOTORING pro has revealed a free winter tool hidden underneath his car seats – it takes seconds to use and it could save your life.

As temperatures plummet below zero, the secret feature can come in handy to keep drivers safe.

The content creator showed a step by step guide on where to find the hidden featureTikTok/jedflexxx

The hidden compartment under the driver’s seatTikTok/jedflexxx

User Jed Flex took to TikTok to share a secret compartment in his Volkswagen.

Jed said: “I couldn’t believe it when I found this special old feature on my 2004 Volkswagen Touareg.

In the video, the content creator showed a small montage hiding a piece of roadside kit underneath one of his car seats.

Footage shows how he then folds up the chair and reveals a cord and a pump.

The pump is connected to a hidden air compressor used to inflate tyres.

He added: “Underneath the driver’s seat it has a built in air compressor so I can pump up my tyres whenever I need to.

“If I go off road I let some air out for more traction and when I am finished I can pump them right back up.”

In most Volkswagen models the compressor is located under the left side of the car next to the frame rail.

The air ride system is designed to offer drivers off-road features – and with the winter upon us it can save you from a mishap.

As temperatures drop, the pressure of the air in the tyres reduces too.

For this, car experts from NokianTyres said drivers should always check their tyre pressure during winter.

They explained: “Temperature has a significant impact on tyre pressurisation. 

“For winter tyres, you should inflate the tyres to 0.2 bar above the summer tyre recommendation.”

It comes as a mum shared another incredibly useful hidden feature in winter to make parking in your drive easier.

Cathy Pedrayes says you can whip out your floor car mat and pop them near on the ground to help with tire traction.

Meanwhile, a savvy driver unlocked a hidden Volkswagen feature after discovering an in-car gadget had a useful second purpose.

Elsewhere, a MOT mechanic has shared a little-known tyre tip which could save you hundreds – and it’s completely free.

Craig from Walsall Wood Tyre & Service in Walsall, West Midlands, urged drivers to keep on top of their maintenance as the weather turns colder.

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