‘Soon we’ll have nothing left’ cry shoppers as iconic British clothing shop with dozens of stores closes down

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SHOPPERS have cried “soon we’ll have nothing left” as an iconic British clothing shop with dozens of stores closes down.

The fashion retailer in Worcester announced it will be closing down for good this new year.

GettyShoppers were left devastated after the popular shop closed its doors[/caption]

JONATHAN BRADYJack Willis has decided to close down its branch in Worcester[/caption]

Bosses have put up closure signs on the front of the Jack Wills store in the high street centre.

Signs read: “Jack Wills – This store will be closing February 2024. Closing down 20 per off full price.”

Customers will be unable to walk into the beloved clothing store and will have to shop online instead.

Devastated shoppers now fear the decision will affect their high street and will have nowhere to shop.

A local said: “All the nice clothes shops are going or gone. Unless you want to wear Primark or M&S there will be no where to shop soon.”

The move comes after the fashion retailer was reportedly  looking for a cheaper unit in Worcester four years ago.

But staff promised customers it wasn’t closing.

At the time a Jack Wills spokesperson Jack Wills told Worcester News: “Like all retail businesses, we are always reviewing our store portfolio across the UK to ensure that our stores are in the right locations and in the right areas.

“However, we have no current plans to leave Brighton, Chester, Cheltenham or Worcester.”

Despite the reassurance, customers are now saying their last goodbyes as a number of closing down 20 per cent off signs fill the store.

A customer fumed: “Another one bites the dust, anything decent leaves this dreadful city centre.”

Another blasted: “The end of the High Street draws ever nearer.”

It comes as a big furniture chain with 70 stores will abruptly close at one site tomorrow.

Oak Furnitureland is closing its showroom at Central Six Retail Park in Coventry for good on Friday, December 1.

The firm says that it has been given notice by the landlord and is looking at new sites to move into in the city, according to Coventry Live.

Meanwhile, Scope charity shop on Northbrook Street in Newbury will close its doors on December 2. 

The charity shop chain used to have over 200 stores across England and Wales but now just 190 are listed on its website. 

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