I’m a breast cancer survivor, the Skims nipple bra gets 10/10 from both my friend and me, I feel like a ‘fem bot’

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TWO breast cancer survivors have shared their verdict on Skims’ latest nipple bra.

They were big fans of the undergarment and thanked Kim Kardashian for the latest Skims invention.

TikTok/2ndbasepodcastTwo breast cancer survivors shared their thoughts on the latest Skims nipple bra[/caption]

TikTok/2ndbasepodcastOne joked that she felt like a ‘fem bot’ with the garment on[/caption]

The two friends (@2ndbasepodcast) shared their reviews with their TikTok followers.

The two couldn’t help but laugh as they tried on the bra that gave them nipples back after their surgeries.

“Skims, get it, it’s icy cold,” joked one commenter.

One noticed that her bra was a little lopsided: “My boobs are uneven,” she joked.

“I kind of feel like a fem bot, like is smoke going to come out?” she said, adding sound effect noises while gesturing to her chest.

In the end, the two stacked praise for the genius bra idea: “I like them, thank you Kim,” they said.

The two even took their shirts off to look at the bra in its full glory.

“We give it out of 10…10,” said one of the podcasters.

The decision was unanimous: “Tens across the board,” agreed the other.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the try-on.

Many thought the unevenness wasn’t a dealbreaker: “Both y’all’s are uneven but still super cute,” said one commenter.

Others were happy to see the breast cancer survivors get the recognition they deserved.

“Omg I love this for y’all!” said one supporter.

TikTok/2ndbasepodcastAnother was immediately blown away by the bra[/caption]

TikTok/2ndbasepodcastThe two gave the bra “10s across the board”[/caption]

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