I only just realized there’s a latch you’re meant to clean under on a Stanley cup, mine was full of mold, I’m disgusted

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AN INFLUENCER shared the horrifying moment she discovered her Stanley cup was full of mold.

The woman learned she had been cleaning the cup incorrectly since buying it over a year ago.

Influencer Emily was unpleasantly surprised to learn she had been cleaning her Stanley cup incorrectlyTikTok/awheckitsemilyzeck

She didn’t know the latch on the top of the cup’s lid was removableTikTok/awheckitsemilyzeck

Emily Zeck (@awheckitsemilyzeck) is a surf and lifestyle influencer, and posts videos about her day-to-day life as a “coastal cowgirl” for her 2.5 million followers.

In a recent clip, she revealed that her water cup was full of grime and she was unaware of it.

The video was titled: “Point of view: you find out you’ve been cleaning your Stanley wrong for over a year.”

Emily said she was “terrified” to discover the hidden dirt.

The problem lay behind a plastic latch element on the top of the cup that protected the drinking hole.

The influencer didn’t realize that the part could be removed.

Emily released the offending latch from underneath and was horrified by what she found.

The small plastic part was covered in dirt and mold.

A shocked-looking Emily said: “I’ve been drinking out of that.”

In the video’s caption, she wrote: “How am I not sick??”

Viewers were also disgusted by Emily’s realization.

One person commented: “How the hell do people not know this?!”

Another said: “Maybe this is why my stomach’s been hurting and my water’s been tasting weird.”

One person chose a more humorous approach and said: “Keeps the immune system tuned up!”

The creator replied: “100%.”

TikTok/awheckitsemilyzeckShe discovered that the latch was covered with mold and grime[/caption]

TikTok/awheckitsemilyzeckEmily was horrified and couldn’t believe she’d been drinking out of the cup[/caption]

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