It’s freezing where I live – I swear by a warming Chinese habit and my mom gave me a surprising way to stay toasty

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AN AUSTRALIAN has shared how she stays warm in the freezing Melbourne cold.

She said she swears by a Chinese habit and tips her mom gave her.

Kim, an Australian, shared her go-to tips for staying warm in the winterTikTok/kimmeelee

She revealed she relied heavily on thermals and electric heating padsTikTok/kimmeelee

Kim (@kimmeelee) shared the heating advice with her TikTok followers.

She explained she recently moved to Melbourne and had been trying a variety of things to stay warm without raising her energy bills.

“The first one is wearing wool thermals under everything,” she said.

Kim recommended Uniqlo thermals or Kids Merino Thermals from Macpac.

She explained she preferred wool thermals because she thought they were most effective.

“I just feel like it keeps me that little bit warmer and it’s just the best thing you can do in terms of layering under your clothes,” she said.

Her next tip was something her mom left behind for her: “It’s actually a heating pad and this thing is actually been such a surprising addition to staying cozy,” she said.

She explained her mom used to use heating packs for her back pain and since she discovered the trick, she uses it on herself while she’s seated at her desk or on her couch.

“It just is like the perfect little bit of an added amount of warmth,” she said.

While it may seem obvious, Kim also shared that her go-to drink in the cold is hot water.

“I feel like this is a very Chinese/Asian thing to do and I cannot recommend it highly enough,” she said.

“I will often mix boiling water and room temperature water in my water bottle and drink it like that.”

UNiqloShe recommended wool thermals for the most bang for your buck[/caption]

GettyShe also swore by a Chinese tactic — drinking hot water — to stay warm[/caption]

Last but not least she raved about the power of fluffy socks for her cold feet.

“I actually bought a five-pack of these fluffy black socks from Amazon… they do tend to come off a bit but they are so warm and toasty,” she said.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her advice.

“Hot water girlies, I am never as hydrated as I am in winter,” agreed one commenter.

“Thermals all the way!!” said another.

GettyShe raved about the ability of fuzzy socks to keep her feet toasty[/caption]

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