I DIYed my own version of Crate & Barrel’s stylish $70 Nutcracker decor for just $15 – it’s so easy, even kids can help

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A DIY whizz has shared her festive Christmas nutcracker creation for just $15.

She said she was able to save lots of money making the Crate & Barrel nutcracker dupe.

TikTok/brandimilloyBrandi, a DIY whizz, made her own homemade nutcrackers for just $15[/caption]

Brandi (@brandimilloy) shared the video with her TikTok followers.

“How I made the $70 Crate & Barrel Nutcracker for $15,” she said.

She was able to find wooden large nutcrackers that just required a bit of pizzazz.

The content creator showed off the pack of two nutcrackers she was able to find for just $28, bringing each nutcracker to about $15.

With the help of her child and some black paint, she laid out some paper and got to work.

The two painted the nutcrackers black and left them to dry, leaving them two matte decorations when done.

Once dry, Brandi added bows with some red ribbon and left them at the end of her stairs.

People were impressed with the DIY hack and inquired about the supplies she used.

“Where did you get the unfinished nutcracker?” asked one commenter.

With a bit of sleuthing, they were able to find the supplies at their local Michael’s.

The paintable nutcracker is designed with carved light tan wood and features a crown and a scroll.

It stands fully attached on a sturdy wooden base and best of all, its mouth even opens and closes with a lever as a nutcracker should.

TikTok/brandimilloyThe project was so easy even her kids could help out[/caption]

TikTok/brandimilloyShe showed off the final product, a dupe of a $70 Crate & Barrel version[/caption]

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